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BD Committee Members

 Sol Green, PhD, FACB

  • Director, Clinical Process Optimization and Global Technical Services, BD Life Sciences, Preanalytical Systems
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Pathology, Stony Brook School of Medicine, Stony Brook, New York

Sol has over 25 years’ clinical research experience in fields of Laboratory Medicine, including preanalytical variability and errors, clinical chemistry and automation, blood pH and gases, endocrinology, therapeutic drug monitoring, toxicology, special chemistry and cardiac markers. He is a fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, and has a Certificate of Qualification as a Clinical Laboratory Director in New York State. He has been responsible for oversight of the Department of Medical Affairs in Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as North and Latin America. He is a former member of both the AACC CKMB and Troponin Standardization Committees. Sol has over 60 publications, including 5 book chapters and 5 patents relevant to preanalytical clinical devices.  


Stephen Church, BEng, PgD, MICR

  • Associate Director, Medical Affairs, BD Life Sciences, Preanalytical Systems, Europe
  • Member, EFLM Working Group on the Preanalytical Phase (WG-PRE)
  • Member, ISO Working Group on Standardization of Specimen Containers

  • Member, Institute of Clinical Research

Stephen has more than 20 years’ experience in the design and development of medical devices. He has supported numerous hospitals throughout Europe in making significant improvements to the preanalytical phase and laboratory services. Stephen has published a number of articles and given presentations at scientific meetings on various topics key to the preanalytical phase, such as plasma vs. serum in biochemistry testing, the importance of preanalytical handling, etc.


Ana Stankovic, MD, PhD, MSPH

  •  Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs for the Regions,  BD Life Sciences                             
  •  M.D. and Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  •  MSPH – Health Policy and Outcomes Research, University of Alabama at  Birmingham
  •  Board certified in Clinical Pathology and Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine by  the  American Board of Pathology       
  •  Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Pathology, Vanderbilt University, School of  Medicine,  Nashville,  Tennessee
  •  Member, College of American Pathologists’ Quality Practices Subcommittee
  •  Former  Medical Officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  and Pathologist at   Quest Diagnostics, Inc.


Ana completed her senior Fulbright fellowship, residency in Clinical Pathology, fellowship training in Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine and MS in Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is the author of numerous publications and is currently focusing her research interests on the improvement in the quality of laboratory testing and increasing awareness of the impact of the preanalytical phase on clinical results.





Karen Scraba

  •  Associate Director – Global Alliance Management and Preanalytical Services, BD Life Sciences, Preanalytical Systems, Canada 


Karen has played an active role in clinical diagnostic practices for over 30 years, as laboratory technologist, technical specialist, and educator, as well as in sales and marketing functions.  Her  commitment to assisting healthcare professionals clarify/ prioritize issues and implement solutions has significantly enhanced the “best practices” and “performance excellence” focus of BD Preanalytical Services.  Karen has worked closely with instrument companies and managers at all levels within hospitals and reference labs to design, develop and implement sustainable preanalytical improvement programs  which assist laboratories in identifying the cost of, and articulating the impact of poor specimen quality to patients, and organizationally.



Aparna Ahuja, MD

  • Worldwide Vice President, Medical Affairs, BD Life Sciences, Preanalytical Systems

  • Member of BD Worldwide PAS Medical Affairs Leadership Team, Co-chair of the BD Global Clinical Council
  • Certified inspector/auditor with ISO 15189 (NABL) and trained as international inspector with CAP


  • International Fellow of College of American Pathologists (CAP)


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Hospital Management


  • Diploma in Child Health and Family Welfare

Aparna has more than two decades of laboratory experience, reflecting strong and innovative leadership skills coupled with hands-on experience in Biochemistry, Specialized Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Her previous assignment with BD PAS was as Head of Medical Affairs in East Europe, Middle East and Africa, where she successfully built a high performing team of Medical Affairs associates across the region by establishing the team as a value add & solution provider to laboratories through Laboratory consulting services, Quality checks, CME points accredited training modules on line with International guidelines, support in laboratory accreditations, and publications (EMA Preanalytical Notes, Poster presentations in IFCC, AFCC). Aparna is also a recognized speaker. Currently, her focus is on the improvement of quality laboratory testing and increasing awareness of the impact of the preanalytical phase on clinical results. She is also a strong advocate of patient as well as healthcare worker safety.



specimencare.com Action Team Members

Dr. Aparna Ahuja, USA

Dr. Nedim Albayrak, EMA

Dr. Anita Singh, India

Dr. Sol Green, USA

Julie Ravo, USA





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