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European Committee Members

Mission: To identify, evaluate and promote the application of better practices in all aspects of the preanalytical phase of laboratory testing in clinical medicine.


Dr. Steve Kitchen, Ph.D.

  • Head Clinical Scientist, Sheffield Hemophilia and Thrombosis Centre, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, England.
  • Scientist Director, UK National External Quality Assessment Scheme & WHO International External Quality Assessment Scheme for Blood Coagulation.
  • Chairman, World Federation of Hemophilia Laboratory Hematology.

Dr. Kitchen's key interests include the standardisation of all aspects of laboratory tests for hemostasis and thrombosis, control of anti-coagulation, and laboratory investigation of bleeding disorders.



 Prof. Vladimir Palicka, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Professor, Biochemistry and Professor of Internal Medicine, Charles' University of Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Dean, Charles University in Prague, Medical Faculty in Hradec Kralive, Czech Republic.
  • Director, Institute for Clinical Biochemistry & Diagnostics, University Hospital of Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Director, University Osteocentre (Clinic for Osteology).
  • President, Czech Society for Metabolic Bone.

Prof. Palicka's interests are oriented mainly towards clinical biochemistry, clinical nutrition, and intensive metabolic care. He also maintains a clinical practice in osteology.


Prof. Mario Plebani, M.D.

  • Professor, Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology, University of Padova School of Medicine, Italy.
  • Chief, Department of Laboratory Medicine, University Hospital of Padova.
  • Scientific Coordinator, Regional Anti-Doping Laboratory, University Hospital of Padova, Italy.
  • Chief, Center of Biomedical Research, a specialised center for quality in laboratory medicine for the Veneto Region.
  • Past President, International Society of Enzymology, and Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Clinical Biology (SIBioC).
  • President, Federation of Italian Societies of Laboratory Medicine (FISMELAB)
  • Member, AACC Patient Safety Advisory Group and the International Advisory Group.

Prof. Plebani's main areas of research are quality in laboratory medicine, biomarkers in cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and in vitro allergy diagnostics. He has published over 640 original papers, including a widely cited paper in Clinical Chemistry in 1997 dealing with errors in a stat laboratory, followed by a new paper in the same journal 10 years later describing the laboratory errors situation.


Prof. Ana-María Simundic, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Zagreb University.
  • Head of Clinical Unit for Emergency and Routine Biochemistry at the Clinical Institute of Chemistry, University Hospital Center "SESTRE MILOSRDNICE".
  • President, Croatian Society for Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine.
  • Editor-in-Chief, Biochemia Medica journal (http://biochemia-medica.com).
  • Executive Board Member, European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM).
  • Chair, EFLM WG-Preanalytical Phase.
  • Member, European Association of Science Editors, EASE International Advisory Board.

Prof. Simundic's key interests are quality management, preanalytical phase, scientific methodolgy and research integrity, data analysis and biostatistics.


Dr. Anne J. Vassault, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor, Université de Paris XI, College D'Enseignenent Pharmaceutique Hospitalier.
  • Biologiste des Hopitaux, Biochemistry Laboratory, Hopital Necker Enfants Malades, Paris.
  • Manager, Diagnostic Laboratory Unit involved in inherited metabolic disease, Hopital Necker.
  • Member, Management Committee, ASQUALAB (external quality control organisation).
  • Member, ISO Working Group involved in quality requirements for medical laboratories (ISO TC 212 WG1; ISO/EN 15 189).

Prof. Vassault's interests and work are focused on quality control, quality assurance, and auditing. She is also involved in collaborations with IVD manufacturers.


Dr. Andreas Weimann, M.D., M.A., M.H.B.A. D.

  • COO of Labor Berlin, Europe's largest hospital laboratory, Berlin, Germany.
  • Specialist, laboratory hematology, urinalysis and CSF analytics.
  • Member, Expert panel for athlete's biological passport of the German National Anti-Doping Agency.

Dr. Weimann's key interest lies in automated fluorescence flow cytometry with a special focus on the implementation of novel diagnostic algorithms in SIRS and Sepsis diagnostics.


Dr. Nicholas J. Lench

  • Chief Operating Officer, Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambs
  • Author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications

Dr. Lench has extensive experience in academic research and bioindustry, as well as in intellectual property management, technology transfer, licensing and commercialisation of genetic technologies.


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